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hpi check free news for September 2014: hpi check is the commonly used term to describe a used car check. Car Check UK have launched an alternative to a hpi check from as little as £2.99




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 When it comes to buying a used car you can never be too careful. You think about how good the car looks outside your house or how nice it feels to drive. But have you ever thought what could happen if you didn't check a cars history prior to purchase? Heres a quick FREE guide to the hidden dangers of buying a used car and not having a HPi check online or other make of car check done first.

Below are details of what a car HPi check online or other brand of car check can do for you and why you should get a check done before you buy your next car.


Did you know that every year, nearly half a million vehicles involved in accidents are declared by insurers to have been too badly damaged to be safely repaired and returned to the road, but many still find their way back on to UK roads. On average, 4 out of every 100 used vehicles HPi check has, at some stage, been written-off. Fortunately, with access to more car data than anyone else, a hpi used car history check will help you to avoid putting yourself and your family at great risk both financially and physically. Beware as some checks only check for a cat A,B and C write off. Car Check UK includes a CAT D search.

Stolen Car Check.

hpi checks identify almost 30 stolen vehicles every day. Many get sold as so called 'bargains' to unsuspecting buyers who then have to return the car to its rightful owner without getting a single penny back in return. Having an online HPi check means you will reduce the risk of losing your money, by finding out if the car has any hidden history. It is important to note that not all providers use official Police data and you face a greater risk of purchasing a vehicle that may be stolen.


(For more information visit Car Check UK)

 Outstanding finance check.

Outstanding finance is the biggest risk facing car buyers, with 24 out of every 100 cars that have a HPi check turn out to still be subject to a outstanding finance agreement. If the loan remains unpaid when you purchase the vehicle, you will not acquire title to it, nor will you be protected by the Sale of Goods Act (1979). Having a vehicle HPi check online done first will help you avoid this all too common problem by making sure the car is free from outstanding car finance. please be aware as some companies do not have access to finance data or there data is limited. Car Check UK offer a full finance check and includes a finance guarantee.


Many stolen vehicles go on to be cloned to disguise their identity so that they appear completely legitimate. A cloned car is one which has illegally taken the identity of a legitimately owned vehicle. This means there will be two or more cars with the same identity, including the same make, model, mark, vehicle registration, and vehicle identification number. You should be aware of any vehicles being sold for cash, below the market price or at places such as service stations may have been cloned. be aware of some so called cheap car checks that do not check the full VIN.


Clocked Mileage check.

Five out of every one hundred hpi mileage check car checks against the hpi National Mileage Register reveal vehicle mileage discrepancies. The National Mileage Register holds over 100 million readings, that's more than anyone else - helping you to avoid paying over the odds for a used car that has potentially had its mileage clocked.

Note: It's not possible to receive a HPi check free online but don't risk thousands of pounds for the sake of just a few pounds.


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  Thank you for reading our FREE HPi check Online information guide, we hope you found it useful. Please note that hpi check is a registered trade mark however it has now become the common used term to describe a used car history check.



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