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The latest FREE Car Check news September 2012. A Car history check from Car Check UK now includes vehicle recall data. No other check includes this information.

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A free car check can help you confirm the vehicle registration number matches the make, model and vehicle type ie saloon, hatchback, estate etc you can then choose to upgrade your free car check to check the police national computer to find out if a vehicle has been reported as stolen or been involved in a road traffic accident and has been classed as unfit to repair. You can also check for outstanding finance, mileage, number of previous owners etc.


When you buy a used car you can never be to careful. You think about how nice it looks or how good it is to drive, but have you ever stopped to think what could happen if you didn't get a car history check? Heres a quick FREE Car Check guide to the hidden dangers of buying a used car and not getting a used car check first.

Below are details of what a used car check can do for you.

Outstanding finance check?

What happens if a car has outstanding finance? Outstanding finance is by far the greatest risk facing used car buyers, with 24 out of every 100 cars that have a car history check turning out to still be subject to outstanding finance. If the finance remains unpaid when you purchase the vehicle, you will not legally own it, nor will you be protected by the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Having a used car check done first will help you avoid this all too common problem.


Written off?

Every year, almost half a million cars involved in accidents are declared by insurers to have been too badly damaged to be repaired safely, but many still end up back on to our UK roads. On average, 15 out of every 100 used vehicles checked has, at some time, been written off. Fortunately with a used car history check will help you to avoid putting yourself and your family at risk.


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Clocked Mileage?

What is a clocked car? Five out of every 100 checks against the National Mileage Register reveal mileage discrepancies. The National Mileage Register holds around 85 million readings, more than anyone else, helping you to avoid paying over the odds for a used car that has possibly had its mileage clocked.


Stolen Cars



Used car checks identify nearly 30 stolen vehicles every day. Many get sold as 'bargains' to unsuspecting buyers who then have to return the car to its rightful owner. Having a used car check means you will reduce the risk of losing your money, by finding out if the car has any hidden history.



What is a cloned car? Many stolen vehicles go on to be cloned to hide their true identity so that they appear legitimate. A cloned car is one which has illegally taken the identity of a legitimately owned vehicle. This means there will be two or more cars with the same identity, including the same make, model, vehicle registration, and VIN number. Vehicles being sold for cash or well below the market price are usually a sign to be on your guard.
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It is not possible to get a free car check however for just £2.99 a used car check from Car Check UK offers great value for money compared to some of the other more well known car check brands such as hpi and Experian and gives you peace of mind you need when buying a used car.


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